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Benjamin Blais

Software Engineer



This is a system that I intend to use to manage my brewing. It uses Vue.js for the frontend, and GraphQL-Yoga on the backend. Data is persisted using MongoDB.

Backend Source Frontend Source


NPCManager was created to assist in running my RPG campaign. It is a front-end only web application that persists state through save files.


Untitled Todo List

This is a simple todo list in the style of the one found in Untitled Goose Game. It persists your items to local storage and you can cross them off when they are done.

Untitled Todo List Source

Campaign Setting

Originally intended for a one-off campaign, I made the Shadowlance setting and have continued to expand on it. My players and myself are now several years into this game. I finally decided to make a stylized website for this setting. I have licensed it under creative commons and provided the source code for those wishing to use it, or draw upon it for their games.

Shadowlance Source


This is a simple component library that I made. It contains HTML and CSS only (no JavaScript) components that you can plug into your project. My intent is to encourage more developers to see how powerful CSS is and how much you can do even with javascript Disabled.

nilJS Source